8 Reasons Why Lombok Is The Best Travel Destination You Never Visited

3 Days 2Nights and I didn’t want to leave. The place has earned a destination pinpoint on my map. I remember everything as if it were yesterday; from biking around Gili Trawangan to trying out every food at the night market to watching a movie with the sound of the waves in the background, everything just felt so gratifying.

And it begins the moment you step off the boat.

8. Gili Trawangan and Its Turquoise-Colored Seas

Fall in love with the serene beauty of the white sand beach overlooking the mountains. Learn how to paddle board, set up for the perfect adventure, and then stand up and feel a sense of complete blissful freedom. Try the glass kayak and enjoy the clear waters along with an amazing view of a whole new world underneath. Read a book, go indie and listen to Young the Giants, The Paper Kites, and Of Monsters and Men. Whatever it is that you plan to do, this beach is just the right place to set up the mood.

7. The People


Caught up with the most spirited conversations, the island of Gili Trawangan is filled with tourists, travelers of different nationalities, and locals who always seemed to be too friendly. For all its beauty, the overwhelming character of each person you meet along the way is what makes this island exciting. Add up to it the variety of cultures. And even though it is packed like sardine during the night, suffocating as it may sound, it can be enlightening at the same time. Gili Trawangan is no doubt the perfect place to make some friends.

6. Underwater Activities


If you love snorkeling, Gili Air is the place to be. Hop on a boat. Put on your mask and fins and dive into the clear waters of this gorgeous island. Spot a sea turtle, feed the fish, and bask in the glorious beauty and splendor of the marine life. It’s your call. You are just one flight away from experiencing this island.

5. The Food at the Night Market

The food is ridiculously good at a very reasonable price. If you love spicy food, the night market is a complete haven. A variety of delicacies await you as soon as you enter the grounds. Street foods as low as 3,000IDR(10php), partner it with beer and you are off to a wonderful night. And for a woman who drinks only wine, I was sold as soon as I found out they serve wine in huge glasses!!! (3 glasses in one LOL) Bet you can guess I had one heck of a good night 😉

4. The Amazing Night Life and the Reggae Music


There’s never a dull moment in Gili. If you enjoyed exploring the island on daylight, the night life is crazier. I went to the island with no plans of partying, let alone dancing (perks of being an introvert). But visiting a place like Gili Trawangan, it’s hard to resist. I guess the best things in life is always out of your comfort zone.

The night life on the island is one you probably don’t want to miss. Clubs and pubs line up in the streets setting different moods of music from techno to rock to reggae. My favorite place is at Sama-Sama, it is an all time favorite of backpackers and a famous place for some live reggae music performances. As much as my soul aches to return and party with good music in Bali, I think I’ve found a better place.

3. Candlelight Dinners



I’ve never considered myself a romantic type and maybe that’s the reason behind why I am still single right now. Whatever. But ask me out and perhaps the charm and spontaneity of a romantic candlelight dinner will capture me.

Set up a date on a beach setting, watch the sunset, and then dine under the stars in the stillness of the night, with the finest foods and some live music, melts every woman’s heart. Always. Gili Trawangan is the place to be.

2. Movie Night at the Beach


Photo by the dailyhotel.com

In the scraps of papers that held my bucket lists for years, this is the dream. Simple as it may sound, I can’t think of any better place to spend a romantic getaway rather than spend the nights watching films near the beach with your beloved. This unique activity in Gili Trawangan is definitely what you need to set up a perfect dream vacation with your partner. Each film starts at sundown up until 9pm. Food and drinks too are available at the nearby restaurants.

1. Bike around an Island that Never Sleeps



Take a tour around the island of Gili and bike all the way to the sunset point. Stop by, shut your eyes, and open them with the view of the horizon. Bike further and check out the swing standing in the middle of the sea. This is your eat-pray-love kind of a dream vacation. A moment to spend time with nature and contemplate on the goodness of life. Release the stress, forget the chaotic city behind, and fill your mind with good chaos: the night life, the sound of the waves, the constant chatter from the resto bars, the reggae music from a nearby pub. Bike through the busy shops, stop by for a milkshake or a gelato. The moment is yours.

Lombok, the one destination you never visited. Yet.


Bonus Side Trip:

Sasak Traditional Village




Apart from the gorgeous beaches, Lombok is also rich in culture. Located in Central Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, and about an hour away from the city of Mataram, the Sasak Traditional Village is the perfect place to experience the local Balinese living. From traditional houses made out of a mixture soil and cow dung to traditional Balinese music to hand-made woven sarongs, learn about the unique traditions and watch live performances from Lombok’s sasak people.



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